Topia™ Insecticide

Many homeowners are requesting lower-impact solutions to their pest problems. FMC Professional Solutions created Topia™ insecticide to give you just that.

Topia is the first completely organic aerosol product from FMC, utilizing the powerful plant extract Geraniol to eliminate pests through contact. This water-based aerosol has low odor and low persistence
in the environment, making it an ecologically-friendly alternative to other insecticides. As a 25B exempt product, Topia insecticide requires no federal registration.

Safe For Use In (but not limited to):

Food Handling and Preparation Areas, Homes, Apartment Buildings, Hospitals (non-occupied patient
areas), Nursing Homes (non-occupied patient areas), Schools, Nurseries, Stores, Warehouses, Aircraft,
Marine Vessels, Railcars, Commercial, Industrial, Apartment, Office, Storage Buildings, Restaurants,
Supermarkets, Food Manufacturing, Processing and Servicing Establishments, LEED certified buildings,
Facilities with Environmental IPM Programs and luggage.

Kills: Ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, earwigs, fleas, flies, gnats and small flying moths, lovebugs,
mosquitoes, pillbugs, red mites, silverfish, sowbugs, spittle bugs, stink bugs, and termites.

Safe to use around children and pets.

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